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Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcome to Rainbow Wools blog

Handwoven scarf
My name is Sue Walker, owner of Rainbow Wools - an online yarn shop selling a range of delicious supplies for your textile adventures. Welcome to my blog which will be full of inspiration and just a little bit informative and educational too!

I have been involved in various textile pursuits for most of my life, selling my handmade clothing to my sisters in the 60s, peddling my macrame wares in the 70s, selling spinning and weaving supplies in the 70s and 80s and, since the early 90s to the present, supplying a variety of yarns to textile artists. 

Of course, knitting, crochet, sewing, machine embroidery, screen printing - anything involving thread, yarn or fabric do not escape my textile pursuits!

Stay tuned for the next few blogs where I'll sharing ideas on 'ways to use...'. This will include; 

  • ways to use all that really fine thread
  • ways to use all that really thick yarn
  • ways to use all those leftovers 

About Rainbow Wools
Rainbow Wools offers a range of quality yarn, fibre, dyes and weaving supplies to wherever you are. You'll love our range of Rainbow Wools signature yarns, hand-dyed in unique colorways that will stimulate your creativity. 

Rainbow Wools - gorgeous yarns
Not only do we have the most scrumptious range of hand-dyed woollen yarns, we can also supply you with silk, linen, cotton, alpaca in a variety of thicknesses and styles. We also sell quality brands including Habu yarns and Ashford equipment. 
Rainbow Wools and Ashford looms - a great partnership.
Linen - one of my favourite yarns along with paper, silk, wool...

The range doesn’t stop there. We have specialty yarns like paper, wire, copper, leather, high twist yarns, chenille, jute, horsehair, glow in the dark. And we've just added the amazing Jelly Yarns to our stock.

Don’t limit your creativity. Browse Rainbow Wools online shop and let your imagination take flight.

       Rainbow Wools

Supplying the textile artists of tomorrow with the resources they need to create, today.